Why Choose Us?

Experienced specialists

The thing that makes us stand out in the crowd is our quality of work. We have experienced specialists who have a vast amount of experience in dealing with mental health disorders, learning disabilities and ASD. Let it be schizophrenia or autism, they make sure the individuals are getting maximum care and support according to their level of need.

Our expert staff is one of the reasons of our reputation. Our professionals communicate with individuals on a personal level. We will get to know each service user like a friend and when times are hard we can help pick them back up. We will listen to their ideas, get to know their preferences and respect their wishes. Therefore all services provided at our organisation are exactly according to individual choice and needs.

At Willow Tree Support, our staff will be trained to a high standard. We hold regular supervision and listen to each employee. We encourage professional development and we endeavour to employ people with nationally recognised qualifications and/or put our staff forward to complete these. One of our aims is to make our staff feel recognised and happy which in turn will benefit our service users.

Quality services

We not only support individuals but also focus on their personal development. Our individualised care plans will highlight areas of need and we will help each service user develop at their own pace. We will provide specialised support with their goals in mind. Our aim is to make them feel independent and worthy whilst developing self-confidence.

Complaint management

For our organisation to run smoothly we aim to make our service users and their families satisfied with the work we provide. At Willow Tree support we deliver the best possible care. We will listen to all feedback and will adapt and change to ensure our service users receive the care that they deserve.

We hope our organisation provides exceptional care, should any issues arise with our service we will address this quickly, professionally with the utmost respect and transparency.